Interested in helping to preserve the planet?


Mankind cannot survive without water. More than 60 % of our bodies are made of water and an adult cannot survive more than 3 days without it. Therefore, we should value water more than gold or jewelry and treat it accordingly.

The global water consumption rate has doubled every 20 years, at a pace that surpasses the rate of population growth. If population and consumption growth continue, it is estimated that 1.8 billion people will be living in water-scarce regions by 2025.

Installing WATERSAVERS® products help people save money on water and utility bills, by using up less water from our environment; thus lowering the amount of fossil fuels required to heat the water up.

Using water-saving products in residential and commercial buildings, as well as hotels, sports arenas and public places where water usage can be easily reduced by doing so, would significantly decrease the volume of water taken from natural springs as well as reducing the amount of purification necessary to make the water drinkable; fewer chemicals would be put into the water and less energy would be used in water processing facilities.


In 2015, the United States generated about 4 trillion kilowatt/hours of electricity. About 67 % of the electricity generated was from fossil fuels (coal 33 %, natural gas 33 %, and petroleum 1 %). Using less energy to heat our water and eliminating those “dirty” resources would help our planet breathe easier. If every household saved 50 % energy on water heating, it would result in about 12 % of overall household energy consumption which in turn would have a significant impact on improving the quality of air we breathe in.