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About Company WATERSAVERS®

Development of the water savers of the company WATERSAVERS® started in 2002. With regard to technology our products are exceptional with a large potential and ability to beat the world competition. We are the young company developing dynamically. At present, we operate not only on the Czech market but we also export in many European, African and Asian countries.

WATERSAVERS® on EXPO Milano 2015 — within the world exhibition we represented the Czech Republic and South Moravian Region. The aim of our participation was to make visible the simple and efficient method of water saving which could contribute to solving the global problem of rapid depletion of water.

The Advantages of Water Savers of the Company WATERSAVERS®

  • Water savers are applicable to all types of standard water taps, showers and toilets.
  • The unique thing in the world — it is possible to change water flow per minute repeatedly to 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 or 14l/min.
  • Patented production, use of quality materials, manual assembly.
  • We comply with hygienic attestation.
  • Given water flow is supported by certified measurement in laboratories.
  • Special anti-calcareous structure stops scale from depositing.
  • We offer a range of water savers with protective elements against stealing.
  • Unique aeration of water creates the illusion of full flow. You do not notice lower water flow.
  • 5-year warranty
  • Fast return of investment for the end user on an average of 3 months.

Quality Technology

  • Production — carried out on the CNC machines of the Goodway brand
  • Metallic material — brass CuZn40Pb2 of the top quality
  • Product surface finish — chromium (18–20µm)
  • Plastic components — highly resistant material withstanding temperatures up to 179°C is also very resistant to chemicals
  • Manual assembly of the product

Why to Cooperate with Us

Our products are quality and their efficiency is based on certified measurements. Life of the products is 20 years and more. We provide you with the 5-year warranty. You can rely on these products.

We prefer long-term and stable cooperation based on the mutual respect and building a common goal. We adhere to the principles of transparency, openness and fairness. We also offer exclusive and very profitable price conditions of purchase.

Support and Service Provided

  • Documents for the creation of marketing materials (texts, photos, log, instruction manuals, …)
  • Hygienic and machinery attestation, selected references
  • Training
  • Presentation of the trade models applied not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad


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